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Gamma radiation labels

Sessions of York supplied these gamma radiation indicator labels under the name detex.  The majority were supplied in 12mm diameter self adhesive dots but another version of detex was also offered as a stripe down one edge of a plain or printed label for subsequent overprinting onto the remainder of the label.

At Sessions UK we are pleased to supply former Sessions of York customers not only with the detex dot but we can also offer a service to apply the dot to a plain label of any size. The white area of the label allows room for overprinting with customers own variable text e.g. batch number, product number, date and time.   A label with a detex stripe is also available

These indicator labels will undergo a colour change from yellow to red when exposed to gamma radiation.  There is a noticeable colour change at 10 kGy with the colour becoming darker with increased dose levels.  This provides a visual indicator that the product has been sterilised and clearly distinguishes a sterile product from one that is not.  Applications of this immediate “yes/no” indicator of gamma exposure include food irradiation and the sterilization of medical and surgical products.

Sessions UK also supplies thermal transfer printers to overprint the remaining label surface on a gamma stripe label or the plain or printed label with a gamma dot label applied. We can also supply a range of semi and fully automatic machines to apply the indicators to both products and packaging.

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